Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Project Life -- week sixteen

Week Sixteen

This week is all about Easter. Coloring eggs, finding eggs, and let's not forget about the baskets. I have to omit it was a challenge to color the eggs this year without having a sink or counter tops in my kitchen but we made the best of it. This year the Easter bunny was very generous not only did the kids receive a basket but hubby even got one. I think he was so surprised by it. Since we did not have a kitchen that was in working order we went to my mother-in-laws for Easter dinner. It was such a nice long weekend because the kids were off the Friday before Easter and the following Monday. It was nice to spend some quality time with the family.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life week fifteen

Dear Counter top:

I'm not really sure how to say this but the time has come that I can't hold back my tongue any more. I want to break up with you. I think you knew that this day had to come too. To tell you the truth you really were never my type and the fact that I was force into this relationship makes me kind of resentful towards you. We both now that this relationship was never going to go on forever. So I must say good bye to you. I wish you luck at the garbage dump!


Seriously this week was a lot of hard work. We're doing a little update in my kitchen and I'm so excited to get rid of my old counter top. This week was all about clearing out the cabinets, tearing apart the counter tops, lots of shopping for material and renting tools, but in the long run I know all this hard work will pay off when I see my new counter top. My brother and parents came over to help us tear it out and even my daughter helped to.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So sorry I've been MIA but life around here has been busy. We've been working on updating our kitchen and I'm sure that anyone that has been through a kitchen remodel knows how crazy it can get and fast. Right now I've been trying to get the house ready for my son's upcoming graduation party. (Where's the time gone can't believe he is graduating HS). I've been running all around town in search of cabinet handles, the perfect bedding, frames and etc... I've also have been given my mom's sewing machine (on loan) and I've been working on some small projects. I'm in the process of making a window cushion for my DD room (Finally found the perfect fabric today at Hobby Lobby). I made travel bags for my parents for helping us rip out our counters in the kitchen. Also, I'm looking for the perfect fabric to go with the new comforter set I purchase for the master room so I can replace my curtains in there. I've been trying to hit up all the thrift shop around here to find some great accessories for my room and DD room (which always means re purposing things). In the mist of all this I made the save the date card for my son's graduation party (they turned out better than I thought they would). Another project I'm working on is a photo gallery for our up stair hallway. I've scored some awesome frames from Goodwill a few weeks back. I've also been busy redoing my craft room. Let's just say today I finally hit the wall I'm so tired that I can't even think straight so I decided to just relax and catch up on some of my favorite blogs out there. I promise once my house is back in order I'll share some pics of all my projects with you all until then hope you're having a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project Life - week 14

Week - Fourteen

Oh where oh where can my camera battery be ..... hmmm? This week wasn't such a good week for this project my camera battery seems to be missing, but you know me that doesn't stop me I'm a scrapbooker I find ways around camera issues. Thank god for my Iphone or else we wouldn't have any pictures this week. Week fourteen was full of fun things such as ice cream, horse back riding lessons and a trip to the park. The weather has been beautiful this week so we went out to enjoy it. Oh by the way I couldn't get the Iphone to take a good picture of my pages in the project life book so this week we will use this format. Off to find my camera battery wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life - week 13

Project Life - week 13

Usually on spring break Erin and I plan out something to do each day of the week. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it this year due to my kitchen being remodeled. I had appliances and work men in and out of my house for the first part of the week. However, I just couldn't let spring break go by and not at least do something special for her so we took off to the zoo on Thurs. We had the best time together laughing, talking and just enjoying a beautiful spring day at the zoo. When my husband found out the we went to the zoo he wanted to get in on the fun so on Saturday the three of us headed to our down town area and we looked at all the shops and stopped in at the most wonderful cafe that serves nothing but deserts and chocolate (Yum). We were all excited when we stumbled upon on new toy store where we bought a really fun game. After a long day enjoying the shops we head back to the house to pick up my son and we went out to our favorite pizza place for dinner.
Then we went back home to play our new game we picked up earlier. It was such a great week family wise and I can't wait for my kitchen to be finished.

I took my new camera lens to the zoo with us to test it out. I think that I got some really good shots of Erin.

Here's Erin in one of the shops we stopped to look at furniture. Boy I fell in love with this store. It was called Restoration Hardware and it has some awesome things in there.