Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life - week 13

Project Life - week 13

Usually on spring break Erin and I plan out something to do each day of the week. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it this year due to my kitchen being remodeled. I had appliances and work men in and out of my house for the first part of the week. However, I just couldn't let spring break go by and not at least do something special for her so we took off to the zoo on Thurs. We had the best time together laughing, talking and just enjoying a beautiful spring day at the zoo. When my husband found out the we went to the zoo he wanted to get in on the fun so on Saturday the three of us headed to our down town area and we looked at all the shops and stopped in at the most wonderful cafe that serves nothing but deserts and chocolate (Yum). We were all excited when we stumbled upon on new toy store where we bought a really fun game. After a long day enjoying the shops we head back to the house to pick up my son and we went out to our favorite pizza place for dinner.
Then we went back home to play our new game we picked up earlier. It was such a great week family wise and I can't wait for my kitchen to be finished.

I took my new camera lens to the zoo with us to test it out. I think that I got some really good shots of Erin.

Here's Erin in one of the shops we stopped to look at furniture. Boy I fell in love with this store. It was called Restoration Hardware and it has some awesome things in there.

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