Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a wonderful holiday

Can't believe November is almost over. I have so much plan this year for Christmas I'm starting to wonder if I started to late. I have finished two more Christmas cards but camera is not playing nice with the computer and I just don't have the motivation to fix it right now. I will take time to upload pictures tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Check back tomorrow hopefully I will get the camera and the computer to play nice then. Until then thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow an Award for me?

I have accepted these awards from Paula click here. Which means I have to divulge 7 secrets about myself, for the me me award and I am supposed to share 5 things about myself (for the making smiles on faces award) and pass it on to 5 other people who make me smile. Okay peole ready or not here goes nothing.
1. I read both Tori Spelling books (I know embrassing right)
2. I once went to the hair dresser and ask to have my hair dyed black (I cried for days).
3. One of my least favorite nicknames given to me was Stubs (I got that name because my toes look like they have been chopped off because they're so small).
4. I like watching Ghost hunters (I know it's not real but it's so funny everything happens off camera)
5. I once was a camp counseler
6. I cried while watching Marley and Me in the Threatre
7. Speaking of movies I went to see Term of Enderment 8 times in the Threatre.
Now onto the making smiles on faces award. (are you still here?)
1. I love to be with people who have a great sense of humor
2. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
3. I love to play word games like boggle and scrabble
4. I married my best friend!
5. I love being creative.
I hope I didn't bore you to death, and now to pass on these awards to 5 people.
Dusty Penny>
These ladies above are awesome and I can't get enough of there blogs.

Blog Reading

Well I don't have anything to share with you creatively wise today. Need to charge my camera battery but I will post some items this weekend. I'm just trying to catch up reading some of my favorite blogs. I remember the day when I used to sit with a cup a coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. Those days are so long gone since I got my laptop. Now a days you can still see me in my favorite chair curled up reading some great blogs.

Speaking of blog reading here are a few you might be interested in looking at. Did ya see what's going on over on Christmas with Cricut? They are participating in a blog hop and they have a couple of Cricut cartridges to give away and some real creative projects for you to try. I love what Tammi did. Don't forget to stop by Jennifer McQuire's blog today she has announced the winners of some awesome prizes for the card drive. I am envious of all the winners. I real enjoyed hopping over to Kristine W blog to see her 25 days of Christmas cards. Each day the cards keep getting cuter and cuter. I saw on Face Book that the Pink stamper had some kind of a give away going on today too.

Not to change the subject but I am - I was wondering what was your top five crafty things you are requesting for Christmas this year. Is it a new camera, a shinny new tool to use or just the gotta have it stamp set you have been eyeing? Leave me some comments on what you wish Santa to bring you it will be fun to see what your asking for this year.

Tonight I will be at a scrap crop, but I won't be working on any scrap book pages there. No I am so far behind on my Christmas cards it isn't even funny (BTW whose idea was it to send out twenty-five home made cards out this year oh yea that was me). So I stamped a few images and I'm bringing my Copics and some of my favorite pattern paper and working on those there. Well I hope you all have a great Friday and until next time Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is an updated view of the room with the new rug and bookcase. I have one more bookcase to put together and I still have to lay the floor but it's coming along. This past weekend I went looking for flooring and I think I found what I want. It's a vinyl floor that looks like a wood floor , planks and everything. I'm hoping next month to pick it up and I think I will be able to lay it down myself.
The post before this one is everything I've been working on lately minus a few projects. Camera battery is low so have to recharge it. I will post more later this week along with the ATC cards I promised you. Well it's late and I'm heading to bed until next time thanks for stopping by.

Christmas Cards

Click here to view these pictures larger

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So Behind

I've been working on several projects that I haven't gotten around taking pictures of but I promise I will set some time aside tomorrow to get that done. Also I wanted to take some pics for all of you to show you my pretty ATC cards I received from my friends at Flickrheroarts group. So please stop by tomorrow until then thanks for stopping by.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Blog Candy

Go over to MY PINK STAMPERS blog you can click on her button on the right hand side of my blog. She is given away a Gypsy. All the details on her blog.

Pardon my dust a work still in progress

Boy this has been a long slow road I've been on concerning my craft room. Back in March of this year I took over one of our extra rooms in the basement. I thought it would be fun to have my very own playground. Now seven months later I look back and ask myself why isn't this finished yet. Well today I went to IKEA and got my last expedite book shelve and a rug. I was so excited because with all of the organizations I have been doing the last couple of months I finally have a spot for everything. I can hardly wait to craft now, knowing that everything has a place. I'm the type of person who can not think in clutter. Now all that is left do is to get my very busy husband to lay the floor and my little playground will be complete. I wonder how many more months that will take. Just had to share my new addition and I promise when it's all done I will post the finish results on here. Until next time thanks for stopping by!