Friday, January 28, 2011

Simple Stories

Simple Stories

Been I busy little bee today. I decided to sort all of my 2010 pictures and get them ready to scrap. Lately, I've been using Becky Higgins Project Life for my 2011 pictures and I am loving it, but I wanted to change it up a little for my 2010 pics and decided to try Simple Stories Document Life from Archivers. To tell you the truth I think once you have tried Becky Higgins product you'll never want to use anything else. Simple Stories just doesn't have the bang for the buck like Project Life. They don't give you as much product which makes it hard to do a whole years worth of photo's. So I decided I would mix and match with the supplies I already have. Here is a peek of the beginning of 2010 album using Simple Stories.

This is my first page of the album, which I'm not to happy with. I like the page itself but not for the opening page, so I will have to try to come up with a opening page.

This was January 2010, my daughter just loves to play in the snow and she always has her buddy Brie come out an play with her.

This is one of the pages that I used my own supplies that I already had in the house. I used DCWV Linen Closet paper, craft paper and a cream card stock. The embellishments are from K&Co.

I just love my daughter silly ways, when ever I'm in a serious mood (that's what my daughter calls it, I call it just plan old being busy around the house)she always tries to put a smile on my face or to crack me up. I hope she always keeps that sense of humor.

I'm also planning on using some hybrid pages in this book (sense they don't give you a lot of product). I've been looking at Ali Edward's gallery of her pages and I would love to try it her way. I also like Cathy Zielske's pages to. Looks like I should head over to Designer Digital to get me some of their products.

Well until next time - Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life - Weeks two and three

Week Three - Hello Sunshine

This was a very exciting week for my dd she got her very own fish tank and two gold fish. My daughter isn't happy unless she is taking care of an animal. She said, she's going to be a vet and I have to say I truly believe she will. Oh by the way she named her fishes Sunshine and Cale co

We also had one of the coldest days this week (-4 degree and adding the wind chill it was -10) Days like these makes me wonder why the heck to I live here in the midwest. That is crazy cold.

Week Two - Good-bye Christmas

Saying good-bye to Christmas. Well Christmas has finally left the building this week. DD and Dad went to the finally christmas party (the breaking of the ginger bread houses party). This is an annual party that is thrown for the kids every years. Everyone brings their houses to the party and we have a contest to see who can destroy the house the fastest. The kids love this party and we get to get rid of the gingerbread house, so it's a win win for everyone. I'm so glad my husband's aunt came up this idea years ago.

We were also dealing with sick kids this week. It seems like every year this is a reoccurring theme around here the week or two after Christmas my kids get back to school only to come down with some kind of illness.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project Life - week one

I've decided that each Tuesday I will be sharing with you my Project Life pictures for that week. I'm a little behind since we are presently in the third week but not to worry week two is finished just needs to have picture taken of it, so next Tuesday I will share it with you for now here's week one.

Well my first week using Project Life is finished. I am just lovin this process, it's so easy to follow. I am embracing Ali Edwards philosophy of letting go of perfection. Not all my pictures are perfect and that's okay the main point I'm documenting our life. Here is a sneak peek of week one:

Notes about the project so far:

- I observed that sometimes it's okay that the picture doesn't match what the journaling says.

- I think I am going to start to add pages with some of the memorabilia (i.e. invitations to parties, movie tickets, etc.)

- If I get a great shot I think I may blow up the picture and use it on it's own page or if it takes two or more pictures to convey a story I will use it's own page.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project Life

Yea my Project Life kit came. It was on my door step on Friday afternoon. It was a good thing that we left for the cottage late, because it was raining on Friday. Just before we were ready to leave I heard the doorbell and I peeked through the window and saw what I like to say the smiley face box (basically a Amazon box). Tonight I put it all together and I even added my first two pictures and journal cards. I just know that this is going to change the way I think about scrapbooking. It seems so simply and non chaotic too. I have to figure a way to share my pics that I'm putting in my album with you. I don't want to bombard you with pictures every day. Well Happy New Year Peeps! Until next time thanks for stopping by.