Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life week fifteen

Dear Counter top:

I'm not really sure how to say this but the time has come that I can't hold back my tongue any more. I want to break up with you. I think you knew that this day had to come too. To tell you the truth you really were never my type and the fact that I was force into this relationship makes me kind of resentful towards you. We both now that this relationship was never going to go on forever. So I must say good bye to you. I wish you luck at the garbage dump!


Seriously this week was a lot of hard work. We're doing a little update in my kitchen and I'm so excited to get rid of my old counter top. This week was all about clearing out the cabinets, tearing apart the counter tops, lots of shopping for material and renting tools, but in the long run I know all this hard work will pay off when I see my new counter top. My brother and parents came over to help us tear it out and even my daughter helped to.

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