Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project Life - week ten

This week was all about a lizard, bleach, a camera and a school project. We took our daughter to see the movie Rango this past weekend. It was a cute but very long movie. Also, my daughter has to do book reports and with each book report she usually has a project that goes with it. This time she had to make a scene from the book in a shoe box. I thought she did a good job. The book she wrote about was "Kirsten goes to America" and she made a scene of the inside of what her cabin would look like. She took Popsicle sticks and took off the rounded edges than colored each one brown to represent the wood floor they had. Then she asked me to take her to Hobby Lobby so she could get furniture. I think the curtains that she made were adorable. She got a "A" on the project. As for me this week I am in the mist of spring cleaning. This week a got three rooms done including the master room linen closet. I am doing way better this year on my spring cleaning because last year I just didn't do it. I was sick on and off last year so I was in survival mode, but not this year I'm 100% and I'm getting things done around here. I had some time so I took out my Nikon and started to experiment with it. I'm learning a lot about my camera but it is a slow process.

Here's me experimenting with the Nikon. I decided to shoot in the raw and I like the results so much.

This is my daughters scene that she made for her book report. See the wooden floor isn't it amazing

You can tell the weather is changing around here by how long the car line is at my daughters elementary school. Usually in the winter months this line is twice as long.

It feels so good to get some of my spring cleaning done. I love making empty spaces. So far four huge garbage bags have left the house due to this cleaning. Can I get a "GO, Carrie"!

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  1. Go Carrie :D xoxoxoxo I did a major spring clean in January, even got my dh involved (made it so much easier). Loving seeing what you have been up to. What a wonderful project this is going to be. Hugs to you xoxoxoxoxo


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