Monday, March 7, 2011

Project life - week nine

I love the ordinary, typical,boring week. Wish we had more of them. It seems that our life are getting busier and busier that it's hard to stop and really enjoy just the everyday of life. This why I am so thankful for Project Life. It makes you focus on the daily routines and every day life. It let's you live in the moment and document that moment. I'm so happy I decided to participate in Project Life.

A quick picture of the family prior to leaving for a dinner out.

Life here on Eliot lane this week was anything but exciting and that's the way I love it.

I could probable take this picture 100 times. This is Erin's room she is always playing with her animals and always creating something where she has to cut up paper. Once this mess is cleaned up another mess that looks just like this one would take it's place.

What a wonderful boring week we had here. Until next time thanks for stopping by.

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