Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Life - week eleven

Week Eleven

Okay how do I begin to tell you all about our week eleven. It's not like it was an eventful week. We didn't attend any parties, nor were we invited to the White House, nothing spectacular happened but it will go down in my books as one of the most funniest weeks this year. You see the week started off by having me accused of being a murderer. Shocking I know. It happened in the beginning of the week it was just a plain ordinary day where I was cleaning our house. I was putting laundry away and I walked passed my daughter room when something caught my eye. It was my daughter's newest addition to her fish family Bubbles laying on his back floating there. I knew right away this was not a good sign and decided I would try to spear my daughter any heart ache and tried to dispose of it (Bubbles) without her seeing. So I hurried and put the laundry down gathered her fish net and scooped Mr Bubbles into to it and ran to my daughter's bathroom. Just as I had the fish net over the toilet and the fish was falling into the toilet in walks Erin. If you only saw the total horror look on her face and she screamed "MOMMMMMMM WHAT ARE YOU DOING". I try to explain how I was trying to dispose of Mr Bubbles so that she wouldn't have to be sad to see him that way and she said to me "How else am I suppose to feel when I come in to see my own mother murdering my best fish". With that I looked down at the toilet only to find Mr. Bubbles happily swimming away in my toilet. Nothing I said would convince her that I thought he was dead and I was only trying to spear her hurt feelings. She was pretty upset with me until two hours later when the darn fish really died. I wasn't born yesterday this time I got my husband to do the dirty work. So Erin and my husband had a little funeral for Mr. Bubbles and that's the end of our excitement for this week. Other than that our week consisted of Nike +, a walking path, a nice warm spring day, some more spring cleaning and a great big moon.

Spring Cleaning continues at our house. I got rid of one whole box of Erin's books.

Even with that boxed full of books gone she still has a lot of books. What can I say she loves to read.

I decided to get out my Nike+ and give it a try. Only this time all I can do is walk since my knee still isn't 100%

Here's a look at the running (oops I mean walking) path.

This was the full moon on Saturday, it's suppose to be the biggest and brightest one since 12 years. I guess it has something to do with the fact it's closer to earth or something like that. All I know is that my daughter teacher told her kids to take a look at it and we did.

Last but not least Erin and I tried to enjoy the only 61 degree day this past week by playing in our back yard.

Until next time thanks for stopping by!

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