Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day - Blizzard 2011

Wow it's a really blizzard. They kept saying it was coming but I really don't think I believed it. Here is a peak through the day. The first picture is when it started to snow and the second picture is when the wind started to kick up. Right now as I look out the window it's hard for me to see my neighbor across the streets house. It's hard to tell if we are really getting as much snow as they said we will be getting cause the wind is blowing so hard (is it fresh snow or the wind blowing around snow we already had?) These pictures will definitely be in my Project Life album. The schools have been closed, roads have been closed and this is just the beginning we still have to see what tomorrow weather will bring. Looks like there will be some quality time with the family tomorrow.

Before taken around 3:00 p.m this afternoon.



Took an hour and a half to dig out the drive way and sidewalk.

A view from our kitchen door

Snow was embedded into our windows

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