Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life - week four

Week Four

Week four had a lot of family time in stored for us. My husband's nephew and his family came in from California. We helped them celebrate their daughters first birthday. Where does the time go? Speaking of celebrating birthday's we also celebrate my brother's wife birthday and my birthday. Lots of family time going on this week.

My daughter got her report this week too. Almost all straight A's except for her social study class which she received a "B" Very impressive. This is the first year that she is actually receiving letter grades like A - F, instead of S, U. She feels so grown up. I over heard her tell her brother that she has big kids grading system now.

Also I was doing my happy dance a couple times this week because my Gypsy finally arrived. I had gotten one for Christmas but when I turned it on it did not work so had to shipped back for a replacement. As if that wasn't enough to make my scrapbooker's heart sing a day later my Ali Edward stamp sets came.

I just love Ali Edward's stamps they are so versatile. I can use them while making cards and they are so great for scrap booking. Also you can mix and match her sets together. Love, love, love these stamps.

I was so hesitant to turn it on afraid that this one to would not work, but look it works, it works. All I have to say is hello craft room here I come.

Can't wait to see what next weeks brings. Until then thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Carrie, I am in awe of your scrapping. It looks really good. I am really bad at remembering to take photos ;). How is the fish? I am hoping we can get one this friday (fingers crossed) xoxoxoxoxo


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