Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Time

Summer Time

Everyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love summer. There is no other time of the year that I can say I feel this way about. I love the warm weather, spending time out side and enjoying the simple things that go on around me in summer. I'm able to truly slow the pace down in my house and really enjoy being present in my life.

Summer time allows me to be an observer of our lives. I get to see my children at their stage of life and sometimes that makes me reflect back to when I was their age. 

I love the fact that I scrapbook and that I can tell my stories through pictures and that one day my children can reflect on their childhood and compare them as I am doing now. I look at this picture and a flood gate of memories comes to my mind. I love that my children are sharing in the same activities I've done in my past. When I look at this picture I can see myself at her age fishing with my father. It's funny how the past repeats it's self. My daughter loved every minute of fishing with her father just as I did way back when. I love summer time so much because the everyday schedule gets thrown out the window and I am able to be present in my children's life. I love that she will have memories of going to the cottage and fishing with her dad like I had with my dad. Those times spent with my dad shaped me into the person I am today just like I know that my daughter will gain the same from her time spent with her dad too. It's nice to slow down every once in awhile and sit back and reflect on the past and to see how it's connected to the present.

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