Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life - Weeks two and three

Week Three - Hello Sunshine

This was a very exciting week for my dd she got her very own fish tank and two gold fish. My daughter isn't happy unless she is taking care of an animal. She said, she's going to be a vet and I have to say I truly believe she will. Oh by the way she named her fishes Sunshine and Cale co

We also had one of the coldest days this week (-4 degree and adding the wind chill it was -10) Days like these makes me wonder why the heck to I live here in the midwest. That is crazy cold.

Week Two - Good-bye Christmas

Saying good-bye to Christmas. Well Christmas has finally left the building this week. DD and Dad went to the finally christmas party (the breaking of the ginger bread houses party). This is an annual party that is thrown for the kids every years. Everyone brings their houses to the party and we have a contest to see who can destroy the house the fastest. The kids love this party and we get to get rid of the gingerbread house, so it's a win win for everyone. I'm so glad my husband's aunt came up this idea years ago.

We were also dealing with sick kids this week. It seems like every year this is a reoccurring theme around here the week or two after Christmas my kids get back to school only to come down with some kind of illness.

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  1. Wow Carrie that is one great blog post. I love that your dd has gotten her own fish. We are hopefully getting our first gold fish next week :D. Just waiting for the tank to settle. Love seeing what you have done as well xoxoxoxoxo


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