Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Daily - December 2nd

I had a visitor that stay with me this past week so I wasn't really able to work on my December daily album like I wanted but it's okay because I really got to enjoy my company. It was my mom she came to stay with me and she helped decorate the house for Christmas. She just got a new kitten so needless to say her house is not going to be all deck out this year because of the kitty. So she really enjoyed helping us decorate. I'm kind of working out of order because I'm trying to catch up but after tonight I think I will be all caught up.

December 2nd

Oh the weather outside - Wow did the snow fall last night we got a few inches. The first snowfall of the year. It looks so pretty outside I just love the feeling I get when it snows it gets me into the holiday spirit. I had to put on the Christmas music while out doing my errands today.

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