Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 14th - December Daily

December 14th

Yesterday, I was walking by Erin's room when I stumbled upon this note to Santa. We have an elf visiting our home this year and this elf is super mischievous. For instance Patrick (the elf) decide to disappear for two days which made Erin very worried about him. When he finally showed up again he had a note saying he went to downtown Chicago to see all the pretty lights. The note for Santa says:

Dear Santa

We found Patrick!! Yippee!!!! I found him with a note, it said sorry I scared you I went to look at the city lights. P.S. Can I ask you if my cousin is on the naughty or good list. I'd like you to give her a present.


The note brought a smile to my face. The picture above this note is the one we used for this year's Christmas card. It isn't easy to get these two together for a long period of time so I'm just so glad I have at least one.

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