Friday, October 23, 2009

Stamp, Stamp, STAMPS

They're here!!! The last few weeks I have ordered a few stamps from a couple of my favorite Internet stores and they are coming in. Yesterday when I went to my mail box I was so excited that my Anya and Ian stamps came in from Roses on Paper's store. I've been seeing these characters all over the Internet lately and I couldn't resist them. I just got turned onto this Roses on Paper store and I am so glad I did the stamps over there are so adorable it was hard to choice what to buy. Also I had placed a couple of pre-orders for the new Magnolia Tilda Christmas stamps and can't wait for them to come in next month. A while back I got my two Gillian F. Roberts stamps in from 7kidscollegefund store and I have been playing with them. They are sooooo cute. I only managed to color in these images and haven't created a card for them yet. I haven't been feeling so well and yesterday I think I came down with a bug so I'm hoping I feel a little bit more energy tonight and hopefully I will get in my craft room and create some cards and play with my new stamps. Until next time thanks for stopping by!

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