Thursday, June 11, 2009

Few things on my mind

I have a couple of visitors at my door step these last few days. Aren't they cute. Who would of ever thought a chipmunk and a robin would be hanging out together?????

My 7 year old daughter has officially named both of them. The chipmunks name is of course Chippy and the robin's name is Jumper cause it keeps hopping around. How stinking cute is that!!!

Well I've been so busy lately running around, picking up my Aunt and Uncle from Union Station(downtown Chicago) to taking them back to my house and then out to my mother's house in Rockford, Il. That's a lot of driving my friends. So today I have been trying to catch up on all my blogs I read. I think I have to stop reading them, because they keep leading me to more blogs that I enjoy reading any ways I am getting off the subject. I'm so sad that I wasn't able to participate in all the contests that were going on at Hero Arts and Quickutz blogs. They have some incrediable prizes to win. Maybe next time.

Last night,however, I entered one of my cards into the Hero Arts contest they are running for diecuts. Wish me luck because I looked at some of the entries and there is some amazing cards being entered. I probably don't have a chance but I keep trying to tell myself it's my first time entering into a contest what do you really expect... then I come back down to reality.

I made another card for my DD teacher and I thought I would give you a looksie at it. . I am really starting to enjoy card making more and more. Now that I am getting more involved into some of these websites, I have really been learning alot.

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my Aunt and Uncle who came in from California. This will probably be the last time the come to visit. Since my Uncle is coming down with some medical issues. This is my Uncle Dan and my dd isn't he stinking cute.

Here is a picture of my Aunt and her friend Mary Lou and my DD. I just loving hanging with these people, they are full of funny stories of the past. It's just a shame that I don't have more time to spend with them.

Well since summer has offically started in our house this last Monday (that was the last day of school out here). I better get going because I promised my dd that we would actually do something fun together today. Do you think I can get her to do something in the craftroom? I haven't been in it for a few days, but no I'll be a good mom and take her out some place fun. See ya

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