Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where is time going?????

Where did the time go. I can't believe my DS son is in his last year of H.S. Lately, we've been doing a few road trips touring state universities. Geez this has been one busy summer and the end isn't even close. We still have a few more colleges to visit, our family vacation to go on, not to mention it's time to think about getting the kids ready for school and then there is CHA and Scrap Expo coming to town to. What is a girl to do? With all of the above mentioned activities going on it's no wonder why I couldn't find my way to my craft room. I can't wait until things settle down around here, I have so many pictures I have to scrap and there is so many projects that I want to try. Not to mention I have a lot of new stamps that I haven't even opened. I don't want you to think I'm complaining because I love to stay busy but this has been a world wind ride I have been on and I just needed to reflect back on it.

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