Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th - MIA

Sorry I have been MIA but when it rains it pours around here lately. DH needed help with office work so I've stepped in an helped him and I also began a ritual of torturing myself three times a week in this boot camp exercising class I started. You wouldn't think that would matter that much but it's been a while since I've exercised like this. I can feel every single muscle I have in my body thanks to my instructor. She is so intense on her workouts. The first day I almost puked she worked us so hard and she laughs at all of us saying that she was taken it easy with us. I am so afraid to walk into class today in fear that I might come out crippled because all my muscles will cramp up.

I do have a few projects that I have been working on and as soon as they are finished I will post them. Also over the weekend I went to a crop and I was able to get a scrap book page done that I will post later too. Until then thanks for stopping by.

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