Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th, 2010 - Off we goooo

Just a quick little post to say I'm off to the Heirloom's Rubber stamp & paper arts festival today. Can I get a Whoopee!!!. I will let you all know how it was tonight until then thanks for stopping by.


The first thing I have to say was it was so overwhelming so many pretty stamps. My friend and I thought we had made a very well thought out plan to be conservative and get through the whole festival before we started on our spending spear, but I am so sadden to report that plan went out the window at our very first booth we visit. The stamps were so amazing that before I knew it I spent half of the money I intended to spend by the time we hit our fourth booth. Needless to say that we regrouped our selves and were able to make it through the whole festival but not with some regret for the stamps that called out to us but we were not able to buy. Don't feel to sad for us because we were smart enough to grab business cards from the booth that still hold our precious stamps that we intended to buy but just plain ran out of money for, so our new plan is a simply one. SAVE UP MORE MONEY! and order online. Seriously it was a great festival and there was a lot of vendors there that I never heard about and my friend and I learned a lot of new things from the people we met so all in all it was a great day in the stamping world today!

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