Monday, December 14, 2009

My desperate letter to Santa

Dear Santa

Hi it's me Carrie .... I just hope that this letter reaches you in time. I usually don't ask for anything for me since I'm grown and have two kids. I always try to keep the focus on the kids, however this year I have lost a very dear friend of mine and it's been really tough for me especially because the holidays are coming soon. I miss my friend so much! My friend always came with me where ever I went. Some might say we were inseparably. We had so many memories between the two of us. What... you want to know what my friends name is.... umm well it's kind of hard to say ... Ok, ok my friends name is Sony Cybershoot .... I know it's a camera but our relationship was very special(you do remember that I'm a scrapbooker right?) You see Sony has watch my kids grow up, it was there for all our special family events. It didn't mind being out at the very hot, hot soccer field and so you can see it was quite a shock to me when I realize that my Sony was gone for good. It will be tough to go on from here knowing Sony will not be by my side but that's where I figure you can help me out. If you could bring me a replacement I know I could mustard up enough strength to begin a new relationship with Sony's replacement.

Thanks Santa

P.S. I believe, I believe .... what why am I repeating I believe well ... it worked for the girl in that movie I just thought I would give it a try I'll be stopping now.

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