Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just wanted to share this with you

As I was reorganizing my craft room this week I have come across this wonderful Idea by Linda Scott.  I must be last Cricut owner out there to find out about Linda's gem of an idea.  So, you're saying, "What the great idea Carrie?"  Well this wonderful lady came up with these Cricut Cheat Sheets.  They are so useful.  She list every cartridge that Provo Craft has sold and everything that appears on each cartridge.  You will never have to go and look through all your boxes to find a character.  All you have to do is look at here cheat sheet and she tell you what cartridge the character is on.  (For instance say you want a butterfly well, you go to her list and look up butterfly, then she list every cartridge that has a butterfly on it)  Isn't that just the greatest idea!   I bet she had to put a lot of hours on this.  If you are interested in checking out this gem of an idea all you have to do is go over to Yahoo groups.  Type in Cricut Cheat Sheet and you will find her group.  The group is open to anyone.  Once you have joined her group look into the file section on the left hand side and you will find her master sheet of Cricut Cheat Sheets.  She also updates these files and puts all the new cartridges on it.  (No work required by you except for pushing the print button, LOVE IT).  As soon as I get my Crafting Bible completed I will post pictures of it so until then HAPPY CRAFTING PEOPLE!