Thursday, September 17, 2009

Final done with Binder

Thought I would share with you my binder.  I have seperated the stamps out by company or holiday. I also have several sections with things about my Cricut (I have the Cricut Cheat Sheet, Cricut inventory sheet, blade settings etc...).  Then last but not least I have a section for my Copic Markers chart.  Most of these charts I have gotten off the internet.  If you are interest in the links leave me a comment I will send them to you.  I decided to take out the stuff I had for my Silhouette die cutter since it's already on the computer why have doubles.  Now my next big plan is to put together a cart that I got from Michael the other day and put away all my stamps.   I even might take a spin by Ikea.  Once the craft room is put back together I will post some pics, until then Happy Crafting!!!