Friday, July 31, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My ...

That's right I'm going to take my daughter to the zoo. I got my trusty camera and all the essentials just waiting for DD to wake up. So while I wait on that thought I would do a short post.

Well my friend loved the invitation and I have the go ahead to make twenty more. She is so creative, her mother is turning sixty and along with giving her a surprise party at the baseball park she asked me to come up with a postcard. Her idea is wouldn't it be great if my mom received sixty cards for her birthday. So she is going to send a postcard to all her mom's friends asking them to send her a birthday card. I just might have to send her one myself. Isn't that a good idea. I came up with the wording last night for the postcards. There is going to be two one for the people who are going to the surprise party and one for all her mom's friends. This is the wording for people going to the game.

Let’s throw Jeane off our surprise party trail
by sending her birthday cards in the mail
Wouldn’t it be nifty
If she could receive sixty
If everyone just sent her one
Wouldn’t that be fun

and here is the wording for the friends postcard

Jeane is having her sixtieth birthday
Let’s give her a special day
By dropping a birthday card in the mail
I know with your help we can’t fail
If everyone could send just one
Wouldn’t that be fun
We think it would be nifty
If she could receive Sixty !

If you want to participate
Send the card prior to this date
September 9th

It took me forever to come up with both of the wordings but I think they turned out cute. Well I'm off to the zoo take care people!