Friday, June 26, 2009

So much to say ...

This week has been a busy but fun week. I said good-bye to my out-of-town guest,my daughter started her summer soccer camp,my son had a sleep over, getting ready for our Texas vacation and just playing around in my craft room. My poor house is being neglected, and it doesn't look like it will get much attention today either. My daughter's soccer camp has a tradition that on the last day of camp the kids get to challenge the parents in a soccer game. Since the weather here has been so hot (I think the coolest day this week was 90 degrees) I'm sure I will be beat after participating in the game. I am so sad to see her camp come to a end. It has been so much fun watching her do something she enjoys so much. Her coaches are the best I ever seen. They come from London and they hold two camp session each year. There are four coaches and they are so much fun and the kids really learn a lot from them. They are so good with the kids. I am going to try to get Erin into the next session too. This summer I have gotten so many great pictures of the kids and I just can't wait to scrap them, however, I am so far behind in my scrap booking it isn't even funny. Here are a few pics of her at camp. See ya later peeps!!!

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