Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off We GO ....

I had such a great time yesterday! Me and my dd slipped away for a few hours and went to the Mortem Arboretum with a friend and her kids.
my daughter had such a great time trying to catch tadpoles.

What a great day we picked to go too. The weather was so nice. It's been on and off rain for the past couple of days, so my friend and I were kind of worried it wouldn't be such a great day but look how sunny it was. The kids really got a kick out of the tadpole pond. They were all over it luckily none of the kids new found friends came home with us. After spending time in the Children's garden we took off to see the new exibit they have set up called Animal homes. The kids had a great time investigating how animals lived. My daughter wants to go back again, maybe I'll take her again next week. I can't wait to sit down and scrap some of these pictures. Over at the Quickutz site they have a few animal die cuts I think I could download for this project.

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